A gift box so good you'll wish you got one for your own dang self.

These boxes are available for purchase in-store, and can be even more tailored to that special person by mixing and matching wine and other fun gifts.

Badger Box

The ultimate box for the outdoor-loving, nature-going, woodsy wine-loving guys and gals! This box is packed with such goodies as enamelware wine cups, 1-liter Navaho canteen, precious minerals, and thoughtfully chosen wine.

Sloth Box

The ultimate Netflix and Chill gift box, perfect for in home date nights or puppy cuddle time. This box will contain such items as a cozy retro toys, a gold wine opener, and smoooooth wine.

Unicorn Box

Yes, magic does exist and you will find it in this mystical and delightful gift box. With a wave of the wand this box could be filled with crystals, unique trinkets, and esoteric wine.